At Meade Internet, we take pride in our achievements. Our clients continue to reap the benefits of an effective search engine marketing campaign. Below is a sample of some of the companies we have worked with, plus examples of some of the top search engine rankings we have achieved for them.

When it comes to search engine rankings (where your company places on a search engine for a given keyword search), it's important to note that rankings aren't static. Rankings tend to fluctuate per each engine's ranking criteria, and ranking positions can go up and down on any given day. This is another reason why an ongoing effort is important to maintain your presence on the search engines.

The number of websites competing for important keyword phrases can number in the thousands, if not millions. While achieving a top twenty ranking is good, only top ten placements are noted here.





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We take pride in the top ten rankings we achieve on behalf of our clients. Click on the links below to see some screen shots of actual top ten search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

#1 for "POS System" (Volante Systems)
Top Three for "southampton ontario inn" (Southampton Inn)
#4 for "makeup school" (School of Pro Makeup)
#1 & #3 for "POS Systems" (Volante Systems)
#2 for "southampton ontario bed & breakfast" (Southampton Inn)
#1 for "FX makeup school" (School of Pro Makeup)
MSN Live Search:
#1 for "linux pos system" (Volante Systems)
#1 for "bed and breakfast southampton ontario" (Southampton Inn)
#1 for "professional makeup school" (School of Pro Makeup)
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