Internet Public Relations is an emerging and exciting field. The internet has changed the PR landscape forever. Whereas in the not so distant past traditional media (print, TV, radio) had a strangle hold on publicity, now an internet savvy business can post their PR materials on the internet, and reach thousands more eyeballs for a fraction of the cost.

The key to effective internet PR is optimization. Press releases, white papers, or almost any other kind of material can be optimized for search engines in much the same way a webpage can. When a potential customer uses a search engine to find products or services, your PR material can appear in the top results right next to your website. Your exposure increases dramatically.

The number of websites in the business of PR distribution has also increased dramatically. Some offer their services for free, while others charge for distribution. Some of the big names in online PR distribution right now are PRWeb, and BusinessWire, to name a few.

Another great way of getting your message out there is by industry related articles. These, too, can be optimized for search engines, and there are a vast number of Article Directories on the web today. Article directories are searchable on-line databases of articles contributed by numerous authors. The goal of an article directory is to collect articles on certain topics and offer them to publishers to place on their website, e-zine or in print. The benefits of submitting your articles to directories are numerous and include:

  • Online publishers are drawn to article directories. Most publishers are looking for specific articles on topics that are relevant to their visitors, and directories provide lots of well written, free content. Publishers are usually required to honor all web links in the articles, and this translates to a sharp increase in visitors to your company website.
  • Some article directories offer a news (RSS) feed that automatically adds your new articles to dozens of websites. RSS stands for "really simple syndication" and that's exactly what it is. Think of an old fashioned ticker tape, and you'll get the idea of what RSS feeds are all about.
  • Article directories may have a good search engine page rank, which makes them ideal for providing a one-way link to your website.
  • Meade Internet has a proven track record of writing, optimizing and promoting company press releases and industry related articles, which builds traffic to your website and further promotes your company on the internet. Our work has appeared on some high profile spots, such as Google News, Business Week, Reuters, and PC News Weekly to name a few.

    Contact us to find out how we can do the same for your company.

    Meade Internet can prepare your Press Release for you. We then optimize it for the web, and submit it to both online and print media sources for maximum exposure. Contact us for a price quote - you may be surprised at how affordable we really are.
    Does the idea of writing an industry related article intimidate you? Need to create a white paper about your newest product, but don't know where to start? Meade Internet will consult with you about what you would like your message to be, then we'll research and write a compelling, industry related article designed to engage readers and bring in more traffic. Contact us and let us explain how we do it.

    Our work has appeared in some prestigous publications such as:  
    Business Week
    Hospitality Technology Magazine
    Computer News Weekly
    Yahoo! Finance
    Casino Life Magazine
    News Forge
    Google News

    We would be happy to provide you with examples of our work. Please feel free to contact us.

    RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", and is basically a "live feed" for your website that is updated regularly. RSS feeds should be an important part of your internet marketing arsenal. Meade Internet offers RSS creation at a very affordable rate.
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